Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beach day, beach day, gotta get down on beach day

Yup my butthead and I finally ventured to one of the many beaches that exist in the Netherlands! When I was first told of the beaches "just outside of Amsterdam" I smiled politely but thought '...It's probably just Dutch Margate'.

Don't get me wrong, many a fun time is to be had in Margate or Brighton or Hastings and all of the other seaside towns. But if you're going to reach into your vocabulary for the word 'beach', you're bringing forth images of St Lucia, Malaysia, Hawaii etc. ...and you're telling me this exists in the Netherlands?

Yes I did think they were exaggerating. However once we arrived in zandvoort aan zee; the sun was blazing in the bluest sky ever, on my first Friday off in nearly a month and there was sandy beach as far as the eye can seen (which is far-ish).

It was gorgeous! I wasn't in Dutch Margate, I was in Bali.

To tone down the exaggerations a little ... it kind of WAS Dutch Margate. There was still fish and chips and buckets and spades - but it was alongside a chic-ish looking beach side restaurant and stylishly dressed beach compadres (beautifully illustrated by the men sat behind me). People on their paddle boards in the sea and actual boats, youguise, I just never expected to find this here. 

Also apparently Bloemendaal beach, which is only 10 mins away (by tram) is even better. It's a shame that we made this beachy discovery in what ended up being the final weekend of summer. Never mind ay, here are more pictures:

Writing a 'J' and 'A' in the sand
Getting eaten by Dr Zoidberg and then pretending to be Dr Zoidberg
Farewell photo at the end of the day. We'll be back next year!
P.S. If the title doesn't make any sense to you please allow me to cleanse your ear drums

Thursday, 3 September 2015


So I probably should have/could have created this post a lot earlier than this ... but procrastination mixed with uncertainty is an amazing aid for unproductivity (why not try it sometime?), however, here is my 'hey i've moved to Amsterdam and this is what i've learnt so far' generic blog post.

Spoiler alert: haven't learnt much

Okay that's a lie, but also one of the biggest things I've learnt since moving here is: you can change your surroundings, your profession and country but if you're not consciously changing yourself too, things will more or less stay the same. 

In May, after a few months of planning and saving, my boyfriend and I packed up two full suitcases each (with one suitcase each also being sent to us by post), and we moved our butts to Amsterdam. A city which provokes many raised eyebrows and 'knowing' smiles when asked about our 'plans' – because yes, weed and prostitution are my two major callings in life. Long story short: visited a few years ago, fell in love with the city, decided to move there. Here I iz.

I mentioned uncertainty earlier and this is because I know that if you're looking for that travel noire/chakras in-line/moment of clarity/eatpraylove type of blog post - then this is not where it's at. Truthfully I don't feel too changed as a person so far and I think the hesitation to write about moving has been about the expectation of what this post is supposed to look like (ain't no Julia Roberts bihhh).

One of my personal goals or ideals that I had in my head before I moved here was that I would get back in touch with my creative side. I felt that in London I had pushed it to the side after starting my office role, I was working in digital marketing and content and was generally despising life. In Amsterdam, I decided I wanted out of the office big time and I wanted a really easy (preferably part-time) role that would allow for me to fully concentrate on writing freelance.

...Yes I imagined strolling alongside canals, inspiration smacking me upside the head left, right and centre ... HA! Sure, the first jobless month and a half was exactly like this, then I started training and working at my new job and these last few months have been such a whirlwind that I'm only just starting to focus on myself again. Don't get me wrong, I actually really love the company I work for now and the people I work with and for, but having another full-time role so early on in my experience here has definitely led me on a bit of a detour.

So, no. After four months of being here I haven't 'found myself' or become a meditating, one with the universe, ninja boss either (genuine goals). However, there are a few tinsy tiny things that I've picked up on so far:


Yup, I actually miss them a little bit. I come from a big family and I was really looking forward to the amount of alone time Amsterdam would bring. Not gonna lie, I do have a touch of hermit about me and the alone time is amazing, BUT! So far my auntie, my bro and my cousin/sisters have all made individual trips to see me, and each time always makes me realise I could never live here forever away from my famalam.


Some have made an effort to stay in touch, others haven't. You do start to see the people who were only around out of convenience rather than an actual need to have them in your life. I've got to admit that I don't feel too negative about this, for obvious reasons and also just because, that's life!

Personal Growth

"I'm a changed man, look at the range man." A new me is not going to magically appear, while I do feel a little more confident and comfortable with myself ... I have mostly kept all niggly habits that I was hoping would vanish after making it through customs. I'm still able to procrastinate like a pro, working out three times a week and eating clean... has also not happened etc. A part of me had hoped that moving countries would immediately create a shift in me but I'm realising it won't suddenly happen just because I have a different walk to work now (soon to be bike ride yawl). I'm okay with that.

To round this off, when I was asked what I was going to do here before I moved, I would generally say 'go with the flow', and I guess so far that's exactly what I've been doing. But can you go with the flow and still maintain control over the general direction? For the next few months i'm definitely going to try to. 

Until next tahm.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Wearable tech: jewellery meets technology

So unless you've been living under a rock you will have heard about the various advances made regarding wearable tech. Google has ventured onto the scene with it's glasses and Apple hopes to change your life with a watch. And now there's Ringly, a company that has taken wearable tech down a refreshingly stylish route.

We're entering into a new phase of our relationship with technology. We want to be connected, but not all the time. We still enjoy Twitter but we're not updating it every time we blink like we used to and Facebook relationship status updates are no longer treated like our very own personal soap opera. Now digital detoxes are available in App form and luxury holiday form, in short, taking time for yourself outside of the interwebz is encouraged.

 Images from the Ringly Instagram

Of course it's a little unrealistic to completely disconnect in the current day and age and sometimes simple luxurious include; having your phone on silent, turning off notifications on particular apps (Whatsapp) or just keeping it in your handbag (what a time to be alive guys). Plus, let's face it, there are certain things we DO want to be kept updated on. That's where Ringly comes in, they're using pretty rings and turning them into our personal little helpers. Like a better Siri.

"Ringly creates jewelry and accessories that connect to your phone and notify you about the things that matter most. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment. Ringly connects to your phone and sends you customised through vibrations and light, creating smart jewellery and accessories that keep you effortlessly connected to the things that matter most."

Their core belief is that "technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives", here for it. And it doesn't hurt that they look cuter than two cute things. All we need now is a compact mirror for skype and the ability to have conversations via the mic on the ring. Then all my Totally Spies fantasy will have officially come true.

Find out more about them.

You can buy me one if you want.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Get into the latest mix from UK streetwear brand, Never Second. This mix see's DJ 2kool Tony take to the decks and serve up an amazing mix of hip hop. Including new material from Heavy Crates’ stable of artists, notably Burgundy Blood, who is also supporting Wu Tang Clan this year!

Click the image above to stream or download the mix

Previously the brand has collaborated with various other DJ's including Spindoctor, DJ Matman, Slingshot Sound System, Elijah & Skilliam and more!

Click the picture above to listen to the brand's previous mixes

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter to be kept up-to-date on new releases.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Technically Valentines Day was yesterday but who cares! I hope you had a nice day regardless of your relationship status or the Valentines Day status!

I'm not really a picture taking person (I used to be!) so I don't have much from yesterday. The picture above is of a hazelnut latte I got at a coffee shop outside of Chancery Lane station, I ended up running early so I thought I would get a coffee while I waited. It was yummy BUT I was more so excited by the fact that I had chocolate numbers on my coffee. I was quickly informed that it was "just a stencil", but for a second I thought that maybe my coffee had been made by a wizard, and it was a magical few seconds.

My 'valentine' and I have been together for coming up to five years now and honestly I'm not one for these days which get hyped up to ridiculous levels so Clintons Cards can sell a few more cards than usual. So, I initially said lets not bother doing anything - we changed our minds closer to the date (for other reasons) and low and behold it was impossible to get dinner reservations before 10pm.

Instead of stressing, we just said we would go with the flow and my V-day ended up consisting of ping pong, cute walk through the deserted financial district of London (which just shuts down on the weekend), motherfucking BURGERS, drinks, movies, more drinks and lots of lurrvin. All in all a really nice day!
How did you spend yours?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Happy Sunday!

Recently the cold weather has me hibernating more so than usual. There's not much better than spooning, Netflixs and a takeaway healthy amazing meal. 

But tomorrow marks the first day of December and I am already bracing myself for having to talk to other humans in social settings. So this weekend I made a conscious decision to actually be ... conscious, rather than embracing lethargy and only using arm and wrist action to pile food into mah mouf.

Yesterday me and the boyf finally ventured to a pub round the corner from where he lives and I was pleasantly surprised. We spent a nice cozy night drinking and huddling under the outdoor heaters. Today has seen me take these attractive pictures and do a bit more boring admin-y type stuff aka organise Christmas presents.

Because I am aiming to move to Amsterdam next year at the end of April, I have been saving like crazy! This also means I think I might get a bit DIY-ish with my presents this year because mama has plans that a Topshop gift card does not fit into. I've found some great ideas so I'll be sharing that with you guys next week.

In the mean time if anyone has any good DIY blogs in their arsenal - let me know!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I'm back baby

Like I never left (because I didn't). In the event that you actually care - this is what I wore to work today. My Baseball knowledge is laughable but I asked my (amelican, yes amelican) uncle if I could have one of his baseball jerseys I think in December 2013, The answer was a resounding NOPE, but then months and months later my uncle and aunt surprised me by getting me this for my birthday in June.

Sentimental tears aside, I did initially envisage the jersey coming down to my knees, because obviously when I tried on my uncles', who is 6ft 2, it was a litttlleee longer to say the least. ...Are you guys still with me? I know this is some inane bullshit but I really like this top. You're still reading!  Anyway long and short, I like it this length.

Also a bonus extra cute point is that my initials spell out the word J.E.T. which is why I think they got me the Jeter jersey.

Now i'm sure that I've significantly changed your life, I'll be leaving now.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Azealia Banks - Chasing Time

Azealia banks recently released her new album 'Broke With Expensive Taste'. Anyone who has been following her career knows that this release is well over due, it's also not without a bit of drama, because apparently she has released this sans record label. (Oh my glob, drama bomb).

I haven't had the chance to sit down and listen to the album from start to finish, but I am loving what I've heard so far, including this song which serves as the first single. Visually I am in lorve, it's like a tribute to the female titans of hip hop and in the current climate of ... watered down rap, I think it's a nice touch,